Antioch Church
Zach Bradley, Pastor

We are a church located in South Louisville and committed to pursuing intentional gospel relationships and being a blessing to those around us. We gather on Sundays at 10:15am and in homes around the community throughout the week. We host a large community refugee garden and also a community soccer field. We partner with Dare to Care by providing a Food Pantry which is open on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 10am. We are passionate about orphan care and adoption, and serving our neighbors.

7315 Southside Drive, Louisville, KY 40214
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Little Loomhouse
Barbara Nichols

The Little Loomhouse is committed to preserving the art of weaving, fiber and textile arts, to the restoration of the three historic cabins, and to preserving its place in local cultural history. LLH serves over 6500 citizens in our community through on-site educational programs, camps, workshops, and historical tours as well as off-site classes, community outreach programs, library partnerships and participation in other community events.
In 1939, Master Weaver and Historian Lou Tate bought the three historic 19th Century cabins on Kenwood Hill in South Louisville for her weaving studio. The famous Hill sisters, Patti & Mildred, first sang their “Happy Birthday” song in Esta cabin. Frank Lloyd Wright visited the cabins, which are now the repository for the largest collection of weaving patterns and coverlets in the U.S. The cabins are open for historical tours during regular hours.

328 Kenwood Hill Rd. Lou., KY 40214
Hours of Operation Wed-Fri 10 – 2 Sat 11 -4
The Lou Tate Gallery presents
Tapestry Love, Feb 2nd – Feb 28th
Artists’ Reception, Feb 10th, 1pm-4pm, free and open to the public.

Vote for your favorite tapestry to be featured in the summer edition of the Kentucky Weaver.

This collection of tapestries spans the novice to experienced weaver. For some in this show, it was their first weaving, for others it has been a part of their life’s work. Tapestry Love includes the work of six artists: Ralph Calveard, Sally Moss, Naomi Penner, Michelle Amos, KiYatta Thomas, Chris Wilson, and demonstrates three generations passing down the tradition of weaving. Ralph Calveard and Sally Moss were students of Master Weaver, Lou Tate. Michelle Amos and Naomi Penner are students of Sally Moss, KiYatta Thomas and Chris Wilson are students of Michelle Amos. In this exhibition, each lends their artistic voice to the medium.

*The work of Ralph Calveard represented in the show is a small selection preview of a large collection the Loomhouse acquired in 2017 with the help of Sally Moss and Sam Calveard. These tapestry pieces are being shown for the first time in the Lou Tate Gallery. The Loomhouse will be hosting a retrospective of Calveard’s work later this year.
South Louisville Community Ministries
Yvette Livers