In 2008, the Board of Directors of the South Louisville Business Association launched a program to award a one-time college scholarship to a local graduating high school senior. The commitment of the South Louisville Business Association to emphasize the value of education for young people in our local area continues. It is the hope of the SLBA that an investment in the college aspirations of area students is also an investment in our local community, one that will help open the door of opportunity for the young people of South Louisville.


The 2021 SLBA Scholarship is an  award that must be applied towards tuition or books at a post-secondary school of the recipient’s choosing. The scholarship is offered annually and is nonrenewable. To date, a total of $9,000 has been awarded by SLBA and member sponsored donations to South Louisville students to assist with their college expenses.


Qualifying students must either live in the area the South Louisville Business Association serves (see map of coverage under the About tab) or be a senior at DeSales High School or Iroquois High School. Scholarships will be awarded to well-rounded students who can demonstrate a history of success in academics and involvement in extracurricular activities, while also providing positive examples of leadership and community service. A completed application and current transcript are required for consideration for the scholarship. Also a brief (350-500 words) written essay on any topic and a letter of recommendation should accompany your application.

Previous Winners


         No Scholarships were awarded due to the COVID -19 Lockdown.


         Narjis Alsaadi.(Iroquois High School) SLBA

          Alexis Darden (duPont Manual High School) *  Sponsored by Jeff Harvey Auto Sales

         Sam Hall (DeSales High School) * Sponsored by Ratterman Funeral Home

          Greg Schwartz (DuPont Manual High School) *Sponsored by Jeff  Harvey Auto Sales
          Mebrehati Welu (Iroquois High School) *Sponsored by SLBA


          Simart Negasi Welu (Iroquois High School) SLBA
          Stephanie Guadalupe Solis* (DuPont Manual High School) *Sponsored  by Penn Station East Coast Subs


         Jessica Paula Lopez-Ramos (Iroquois High School) SLBA
         Asia Maeri Irvin* (Iroquois High School) *Sponsored by Penn Station East Coast Subs


           Naudica La’Shea Anderson (DuPont Manual High School) SLBA


          Jessica Cundiff (DuPont Manual High School) SLBA


         Carlos Garrido (Iroquois High School) SLBA


          Alec Robertson (Whitefield Academy) SLBA


         Derek Higdon (DeSales High School) SLBA


         Jacob A. Kennison (DeSales High School) SLBA


         Michael J. Booth (DeSales High School) SLBA


        Karl J. Weihe (Holy Cross High School) SLBA

Deadline: April 30, 2021

The 2021 deadline for the SLBA Scholarship is Friday, April 30, 2021. Please click here for an application (PDF format).

After all scholarship applications have been received, the Scholarship Selection Committee will meet to consider all applications. The committee may petition to interview any or all of the candidates, if deemed necessary, to facilitate its decision.

At the conclusion of the selection process, the committee will notify the applicants, in writing, of their decision. The notification process will be completed by May 31, 2021. Payment of the scholarship will be made directly to the post-secondary school indicated by the recipient.


Please direct all questions and comments to the SLBA at

2016 Scholarship Pres 2 SLBA Scholarship Prez IHS